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I wonder what answers our researchers would give. Seems they might actually prefer such a blending, but I'm definitely speculating.

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To support Nate’s assertion …


Our university hosts a student fair near the beginning of the academic year. Our IAM program has hosted a table at that event the last two years and both years we asked students who visit that table whether they’d like to use an ‘external identity’ for their UW class work (we asked a few other things too). The responses both years were overwhelmingly against. I wasn’t present at this year’s event, but last year when I asked some of those students why not, the response was that they wanted separation of their social and academic lives, and using the same identity would mix the two in a way they felt wouldn’t give them control.


That said, we do enable prospective students to use an external identity to begin putting together an academic plan, which they can transition to our UW NetID if they end up attending. But that’s to support a clear business need/scenario by helping improve interest in attending by lowering the barrier to explore & imagine what it’d be like to attend our university.


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One of the most fascinating moments at the last Installfest at UT-Arlington came when Paul Caskey surveyed the room about the use of social identity providers.


He asked whether, as practitioners, we favored leveraging social identities.  There was universal consensus in favor.


He then asked whether, as private individuals, they would prefer using a social identity.  A remarkably small fraction of the class raised their hands, and about half raised their hands to explicitly say that they would prefer to not use a social identity.


I’m curious about the age range of class.  My un-scientific observation is that the younger you are the more trust you have in external credentials.  (I really don’t like the term ‘social identity’)