Subject Re: Re: [MACE-Dir] eduPersonSubjectIDGUID
From "Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2@xxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2015 03:16:11 +0000

On 10/22/15, 11:01 PM, "Nate Klingenstein" <ndk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I think this reflects a reality that we could achieve, not through homogeneity of requirements, but through having a common language to express the identity data needed to plumb all of this.  Users care far more deeply about their privacy than I had expected, and I feel an obligation to give them the right to protect their privacy as they wish.

The main reason I know of that people elect to be asked every time is that most UIs default to that as the most conservative choice. If that's not the case here, then you may have some evidence for that position, but if not, I think you're jumping to a conclusion.

I also think it's generational (with younger people caring much less), but that's anecdotal based on the classes I've spoken in front of and the questions they ask, and the change in those questions over the last 10 years.

-- Scott