Subject Re: [MACE-Dir] eduPersonSubjectIDGUID
From Nate Klingenstein <ndk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2015 21:04:33 +0000


Ugh.  To say the least.  I wasnít that familiar with the technology implementation on that scale, but 7 transactions a second shoots the idea dead in the water.  Itís not too surprising given the data replication challenges facing organizations like Google, and this is far more data, far more distributed, and far more computationally intense.

They say eventual concurrency is a running problem, but I think youíre right that this would faceplant pretty darn quickly.

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On Oct 22, 2015, at 3:01 PM, Pete Birkinshaw <pete@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

More than that - I think the current Blockchain technology can only handle about 7 transactions a second globally, so Start of Year student registrations would be a problem.