Subject Re: Fwd: Consultation: Metadata Registration Practice Statement
From Nicole Harris <harris@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 15:35:44 +0000

+1 on that.  It could be that the lack of deployment context that makes this difficult to comment on just at REFEDS level so we may end up taking this as far as we can reasonably but passing off to edugain / GN4 identity and harmonisation for more work. It's a useful contrast to bear in mind. 

On 12/01/2015 15:07, Ann Harding wrote:

On 12.01.2015, at 16:00, Peter Schober <peter.schober@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

* Tom Scavo <trscavo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2015-01-12 15:54]:
I was expecting to see a baseline MRPS with normative requirements
(exactly the type of thing you've said this document is NOT). Was this
discussed as a possible formulation of this document?

Who would be in a position to prescribe anything normative to anyone
"You can't call yourself 'Federation' unless you adopt this practice
and agree to be bound by that document"?
"You can't be on the REDEDS mailing list unless you…”

To paraphrase, something normative needs a deployment context in which to be normative:)

Of course eduGAIN could create such requirements but (a) this is
REFEDS, not eduGAIN, and (b) the federations in eduGAIN would have to
vote to get those rules in place first (rules that would potentially
kill off their eduGAIN participation are unlikely to being voted for).

This *is* the kind of thing we want to tackle with the GN4 harmonisation pilots in eduGAIN. Testing out what are useful requirements beyond the current baseline and what is needed for them to be implemented in a way that eduGAIN SG would vote to endorse them.

Feel free to bring this up as a new requirement for eduGAIN
participation on one of the eduGAIN mailing lists.

Please do! In full or focussing on particular aspects if you prefer.

But for REFEDS I
don't see how anyone could make anyone else do anything specific.

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