Subject Re: Fwd: Consultation: Metadata Registration Practice Statement
From Nicole Harris <harris@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 14:28:50 +0000

Hi All

Apparently there has been a small misunderstanding about the intention
of the template so this is for clarification.  The template is intended
to show the sort of content that you should probably think about
including along with some words that may help you write it.  It is fully
expected that different federations will include somethings, not include
others or change the example wording but it is not intended to be a
normative document that should be replicated as is.  Please take
template / example to their fullest meaning. 


 - we would like to have things looking similar and having a similar
flow where they are pretty similar, this just makes things easier for
everyone to read and understand documents.  So if you think you have a
much better way of expressing something that we would like to know.
 - if something sounds plain wrong and you can't think of any reason why
a federation would include it we would really like to know.  
- if there are areas you think we have totally missed, please do let us
- if you would never ever ever adopt this as your statement because it
is so utterly awful, this is also useful for us to know. 

At the moment we have only had substantive feedback from 2 federations,
which would not be enough to push this forward as a REFEDS document so
it would be useful to know if people would like us to push forward with
this or think it is something that could be dropped / isn't needed at
this time.

I've also noted an error in the pdf-ification where half a sentence
seems to have vanished so I will get a clean copy up on the wiki! 

Sorry for the longest clarification ever....


On 09/01/2015 15:43, Peter Schober wrote:
> * Licia Florio <florio@xxxxxxxxxx> [2015-01-09 16:38]:
>> Please review the template and let us know if you have any comments
>> or suggestions for changes.
> One way to look at the document is whether you'd consider adopting it
> as your own M(D)RPS. Unless that's the case it can't really become a
> community redommendation (i.e., become /the/ REFEDS MRPS Template),
> -peter

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