Subject Re: Hide from Discovery now published
From Ian Young <ian@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2014 16:25:10 +0000

> On 7 Nov 2014, at 12:09, Ian Young <ian@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was just thinking about that, in fact. I'm going to look into how easy that might be next week. As you know, we don't export our custom element but with most of the UKf IdPs being added to eduGAIN later this month it seems like this would be a good time as it would give a large base of entities to test against.

The UK federation now implements the Hide from Discovery entity category as equivalent to the legacy <wayf:HideFromWAYF> marker element we've been using since prehistoric times.

This means that:

* UK federation registered entities labelled with our legacy marker are now also given the Hide from Discovery entity category.

* This is visible in all UK federation aggregates, including our export aggregate. You should therefore start to see this appear in eduGAIN metadata shortly.

* We currently export four IdPs which will be marked as "Hide from Discovery" to eduGAIN. On Monday, when we switch from opt-in to interfederation to opt-out, this number will obviously increase somewhat.

* Entities imported from eduGAIN marked as members of the Hide from Discovery entity category will be given the legacy marker element in UK federation aggregates. One effect of this is that they will no longer appear in the UK federation's Central Discovery Service by default. They will still be visible if "Search over All Sites" is selected.


    -- Ian

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