Subject RE: e-learning and ID federation
From yamaji@xxxxxxxxx
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2014 15:08:12 +0900


Thank you very much for all your response to this topic. Simply saying,
the transferring credit by using identity federation is a good idea 
in theory but not yet in practice. However, since there are many case 
studies which share the LMS between universities, I will give some 
examples from them and also provide our challenges. 

Thanks again for your help. Here is the summary of the thread. 
* Ireland´╝Ü, Moodle site for three independent universities. 
  By Glenn Wearen

* SWITCH : Original reason of SWITCHaai was e-learning. 7 of top 20 
  access (Feb13-Jul14) were e-learning site. No exchanging grades at 
  this moment. 
  by Thomas Lenggenhager

* InCommon : CommIT ( 
  is a single identity provider for high school students rather than a 
  federation, and CommIT intends to use InCommon as its federating 
  infrastructure.  It plans on being one more IdP in the federation, 
  but a very special purpose IdP that looks more like a hub than a spoke.  
  by Nate Klingenstein

* Virtual Campus Hub project (
  by Merete Badger

* SUNET : is a common IdP for all students in Sweden which 
  drives login to the national enrolment and admissions system.
  by Leif Johansson

* US Midwestern : There is a concepts of course sharing and transferring 
  credit based on the  federated identity (from paper based era) but 
  it's not working practically. 
  by Scott Cantor and Jon Miner

* AAF : Western Australia reciprocal borrower is the online service that 
  allows staff and students can easily borrow library resources between 
  universities ( 
  Addition, there is an good example named e-Grad School (eGSA) is a 
  virtual graduate school ( 
  by Heath Marks and Terry Smith

* The Groningen Declaration : It seeks common ground in best serving 
  the academic and professional mobility needs of citizens world wide by 
  bringing together key stakeholders in the Digital Student Data Ecosystem. 
  by Ann West
  But the identity federated is not suitable for their current discussion 
  or architecture (by Andrew)

* NORDUnet :  Digital Assessment in Universities 
  by Eric Goodman via Valder