Subject RE: e-learning and ID federation
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Date Fri, 7 Nov 2014 18:39:54 +0000

Hi Kazu,

At my institution we're working on supporting this kind of interaction in support of both cross-campus courses and distance learning to external institutions, and we're looking at how ID federation fits in to that. We're still more on the "in theory" rather than "in practice" side, but we've got some active projects looking at making this work. I'd be interested in seeing anything you find, and would be happy to share as we get information to share.

At the REFeds meeting last week, I asked some similar questions of Valder Nordh who pointed me at some presentations that covered some of the issues around this. These presentations appear to be more on the "how to avoid cheating" than specifically ID federation, but I expect there are overlaps (I haven't yet watched through the presentations). In case they help:

--- Eric 

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Dear all, 

Next week I have to introduce the ID federation at the e-learning symposium. I would like to introduce some of the oversea's activities if possible. Does anyone give me a good example in your country?
For instance, credit transfer between universities or beyond countries based on the ID federation. I am very happy if you can tell me the URL which introduces your practical case study. If you have slides it's much more helpful.

Thanks in advance,