Subject RE: e-learning and ID federation
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Date Thu, 6 Nov 2014 16:06:07 +0000

I was a panellist in a privacy session at the last GD meeting in Georgetown (my write-up is at

My impression was that their main current use cases are "customer-not-present": either institutions transferring academic records between themselves as students move, or else potential employers validating the qualification certificates and transcripts they have been given by applicants. FedAAI might fit in there when alumni request digitally signed PDFs of their qualifications, but that's a pretty standard authenticate-to-a-server set up. And since alumni will usually be requesting information from their own (former) university, there may not be much requirement for *federated* access (in the sense of cross-organisation) either.

There may be longer-term plans to do more real-time provision of information: not sure if any other list members were at the workshop or have been involved in GD discussions and could comment?


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> Is there any traction on this topic at the Groningen Declaration meetings?
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> >Next week I have to introduce the ID federation at the e-learning
> >symposium. I would like to introduce some of the oversea's activities
> >if possible. Does anyone give me a good example in your country?
> >For instance, credit transfer between universities or beyond countries
> >based on the ID federation. I am very happy if you can tell me the
> >URL which introduces your practical case study. If you have slides
> >it's much more helpful.
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