Subject Re: resolving the REFEDS R&S entity attribute value
From Nicole Harris <harris@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Sat, 1 Nov 2014 09:08:03 +0000

Hi Tom

The new version is not ratified. During the last week of consultation
there have been too many additional requests for changes to the text
for me to be able to move it forward. I will need to take it back to
the Steering Committee.  Errata I can deal with, but we have seen
ongoing requests for wording change.

Unfortunately this is one of the consequences of consensus and last
minute change requests. I will consult the SC this week.


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> On 1 Nov 2014, at 04:31, Tom Scavo <trscavo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry if this is a known problem but I think the REFEDS R&S entity
> attribute value
> should redirect to the new REFEDS R&S specification:
> Correct?
> Thanks,
> Tom