Subject Re: Re: [eduGAIN-discuss] mari plan & next steps
From Peter Schober <peter.schober@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2014 16:49:43 +0100

* Jaime Pérez Crespo <jaime.perez@xxxxxxxxxx> [2014-10-29 16:39]:
> This is a good example. You definitely cannot expect
> schacHomeOrganization to exist if you are talking to Feide. Same
> applies to eduPersonScopedAffiliation, for instance.

I should have left out schac* :) and I didn't mean to say that those
will always be available. (The only reason I had them on my
documentatio was that the TCS Personal Portal requires it.)

A federation where no IDP can produce eduPersonScopedAffiliation I
find very curious, indeed. But how would a meta-attribute name give me
an equivalent for ePSA? Are you saying there's an exact equivalent
available in Norway, including the same controlled vocabulary for the
LHS of ePSA, and scope-requirement for the RHS? So basically ePSA
verbatim, only using another name?
So I'm not saying it's all good and in harmony, just that I don't it's
just a mapping problem.

But I hear you all and if you feel that this is an issue where you
think progress could be made, I'm all for it!
I'm always +1 for one more level of meta. :)