Subject Request for feedback: Overview of Attribute and Groupproviders
From Maarten Kremers <maarten.kremers@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2014 13:58:27 +0200

Dear all,

As global collaboration projects in the R&E environment are quite diverse in size and complexity, so they have different requirements on there groups and attributes needs.

We (Kristof Bajnok (NIIF/HEXAA), Istvan Tetenyi(MTA-SZTAKI/HEXAA), Krzysztof Benedyczak (ICM/Unity), Michal Procházka (Cesnet/Perun) and undersigned), are working on a combined effort in making an overview of the different access and group providers that are out here in the federated identity world and explore the possibilities of making them interoperable.

Input is gathered from those involved in the mentioned systems, which i’d like to thank for their effort.

As consultation and feedback round: If you see some weird things or miss some key aspects in this overview, please let us know, so we can improve the overview. Also if you have recommendations on others systems to take in this overview, let us know, so we can contact them as well. 

Although it’s a sometimes a bit of comparing apples and oranges, I do hope you can provide us your valuable input.

The link to the *draft* version of the overview:

This is a short link to a Google Doc ( 
Feedback can be provided by anonymous comment in the doc. If you would like to edit the document itself, no problem, please contact me. Feedback is of course also welcome via mail or the list.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Kind regards,
Maarten Kremers
SURFnet & GN3plus Research on Attributes and Groups