Subject Re: RFC: scoped semantics profile for edupersonEntitlement attribute values.
From Lukas Hämmerle <lukas.haemmerle@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2014 14:35:31 +0200

Hi Niels

If I understand the RFC correctly, the whole reason to come up with this
is 3.2.2:

> 3.2.2 URNs versus URLs
> Though technically all of the scoping requirements can be met using
> URLs, in practice it is easier to express the values as URNs as this
> allows for using generic regular expressions to filter attribute values.

However, I wonder if proccesing URLs is really so much more difficult
compared to URNs that it justifies the limitations to use URNs only.
Could you maybe provide some examples where processing URLs in
entitlement values has been a problem?

Best Regards

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