Subject Looking SCHAC shepherds
From Licia Florio <florio@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 14:32:02 +0100

Hi all,

As you may remember I started a consultation about SCHAC before the
summer. I talked to some of you and we came up with a list of things
that are badly needed for SCHAC, see:

I tried to get volunteers to move things forward while I was on leave
but not a lot has happened.

We are now at a critical stage for SCHAC, so I'm looking for somebody
that can spend some time to help bring SCHAC on track. We can allocate
some budget (not a huge amount) for this activity and I'm happy to
discuss the details with whoever comes forward.

The work will start in January.

In the meanwhile if there are requests or comments (or even complains)
please either drop me an email or update the SCHAC wiki page.


On 12/06/2013 10:28 am, Nicole Harris wrote:
> Hi All
> As Licia mentioned at the REFEDS meeting in Maastricht we are looking to
> bring SCHAC under the REFEDS banner and to do some work tidying up the
> SCHAC pages, addressing new proposals and furthering the discusssion
> aroung SCHAC and eduPerson cross-over.  It is very timely to be moving
> this work forward, but unfortunately we will only be able to give a very
> limited amount of time to this from the secretariat.  This is a call for
> people who would be interested in helping contribute to this work and
> take SCHAC forward either as part of the working group or with a more
> active shepherding role. It's somewhere we really really need community
> support and help so if you can, please do volunteer.
> Much appreciated
> Nicole

Licia Florio
TERENA Project Development Officer

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