Subject Re: to REFEDs?
From Peter Schober <peter.schober@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2013 17:19:18 +0200

* Niels van Dijk <niels.vandijk@xxxxxxxxxx> [2013-06-18 16:53]:
> I am not so much looking for activity, apart from the fact that it would
> be usefull if the pages themselfs would state that they are
> owned by Kantara?

Quoting from
it seems that any changes come with a bit of baggage (unless you're
satisfied with a simple note on pointing to kantara):

"* FIWG has performed a feature freeze of SAML2INT and is now working
  to re-publish it under Kantara Operating Procedures with provision
  of attribution for all original stakeholders.
* FIWG will publish the new SAML2INT (name to be determined) as a
  Federation Deployment Profile."

Seems many from our community have already signed the required
and the proposed changes I see at
all seem like good and hopefully noncontroversion additions (some of
which I have in a local SAML technology profile for our own policy,
e.g. the TLS/SSL requirement on ACS URLs and IdP's SSO Services).

The last item on that page seems to point at some more work, though.