Subject RE: minutes, presentation and blog
From Andrew Cormack <Andrew.Cormack@xxxxxx>
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2013 10:48:02 +0000

Depending on who is going to be in the group, it may help to mention that what you've described is the "Chatham House Rule". For some Government types, attaching that name to it may be comforting :-)

Good luck for the list

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> * Nicole Harris <harris@xxxxxxxxxx> [2013-06-12 12:48]:
> >  You will be pleased
> > to see the only action items are on Licia, Peter and myself :-)
> Following up on:
>   ACTION20130602-06: Peter Schober to propose some broad rules for
>   operating the Federation Operators Group.
> As mentioned in the blog entry the current proposal (on which we
> tentatively operate the list) is available at
> Comments welcome!
> -peter