Subject RE: (fwd) New version of eduPerson now entering last call
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Date Thu, 6 Jun 2013 14:53:46 -0500

Since ePPN and the mail attributes are commonly name based it is reasonable
to assume them to be subject to some normal rate of change even if the
values are not intended to change.  ePUID should be expected to never change
short of change due to errors.  So in theory there should not be enough
change to warrant a *Prior attribute.  

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Thanks to Peter in picking this topic up.

For us it would be OK to migrate from our national version to a properly
defined international version.

In analogy to the newly added attributes eduPersonPrincipalNamePrior and
institutionalUserMailAddressPrior also an additional eduPersonUniqueIdPrior
should be considered.


On 04.06.13 00:02, Cantor, Scott wrote:
>> FYI. Of particular interest might be eduPersonUniqueId (looks and 
>> sounds pretty much like swissEduPersonUniqueID), to add to the ePPN 
>> vs. ePTId dilemma, and possibly institutionalUserMailAddress (one of 
>> the use-cases for attribute options, as discussed at the 2012 
>> Belgrade meeting, IIRC).
> We really should have checked attributes like swissEduPersonUniqueID 
> first. One or more of us will compare, but those well-versed in it 
> please feel free to highlight conflicts. We don't need multiple 
> versions of this kind of thing.
> -- Scott

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