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Date Wed, 22 May 2013 07:58:57 +0000

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> > we may move up the stack to AAI one day. But I would expect that to
> > be something that develops as part of the relationships, rather than
> > the main business of the brokerage's work.
> Thank you Andrew for your information. I asked this since the JISC
> collection had both, that is, price benefit and federation access.
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> Kazu

Indeed. JISC Collections is about access to content, so those are the main two concerns.

The brokerage is about more general services, though, where contract suitability (not just price) is particularly important. And some of the brokerage services may not involve AAI at all! For example a lot of the work with Microsoft on 365 was to address issues around UK laws on data protection and freedom of information; also to ensure that arrangements on notice periods, changes of terms, etc. were appropriate for the education community.

So the priorities of the two areas tend to come in different orders.

JISC Collections also do work on contract suitability - for example ensuring that licenses cover distance learners, which is personally *very* important, as I'm currently sitting in a hotel in Dublin being a law student covered by licences issued to Queen Mary, University of London ;-) Thanks to JISC Collections for making that work :-)


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