Subject Re: use of eduPersonEntitlement
From "José A. Accino" <accino@xxxxxx>
Date Thu, 16 May 2013 09:50:16 +0200

On 15/05/13 16:19, Joost van Dijk wrote:

> I wonder how mesh federations handle this? What IDP software allows
> you to easily filter on attribute values? I know simplesamlphp can,
> but I'm not sure about others.

adAS (, the multiprotocol IdP currently
being used here at the UMA and other universities, does a nice work on
filtering attribute values (i.e. returning only '' related ePE
values) from its web management tool. Besides PCRE based filtering, we
can also use callbacks definition to solve any special case.


José Alfonso Accino
Central IT Services
University of Málaga (Spain)