Subject Re: use of eduPersonEntitlement
From Peter Schober <peter.schober@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Tue, 14 May 2013 23:46:05 +0200

* Keith Hazelton <hazelton@xxxxxxxx> [2013-05-14 20:00]:
> An email thread here has me wondering whether IdPs outside InCommon
> tend to make much use of the eduPersonEntitlement attribute.

Where possible ACOnet arranges for the use of the common-lib-terms
entitlement for most (or all) library services that support attribute
based authZ at all and encourages relevant SPs in its use for all
licensed resources within our constituency.
Other than that I know of two services using ePE where I was involved
in some capacity during the design of the authZ, both using http(s)
URLs specific to the SP as values. (Fyi, one of those states that the
subject meets the age requirements of the SP.)
Plus a handful of minor cases for privileged access to certain
Pål already mentioned the TCS Personal service.

All in all there have not been too many use cases that call for it but
if it's the right fit we will certainly use it, recommend it or demand