Subject SV: use of eduPersonEntitlement
From Pål Axelsson <pal.axelsson@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Tue, 14 May 2013 20:01:19 +0000


In Sweden we are using eduPersonEntitlement in all cases when identity
providers expresses user authorization to service providers where
eduPersonScopedAffiliation isn't enough. Most uses services uses the
GMAI-format (
Most of the usage information that is available is only available in

The TCS Personal and TCS Personal Science certificate portal uses
eduPersonEntitlement for express that a user is eligible to request
certificates or that the user can administer the portal for the institution.

Pål Axelsson 

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Ämne: [refeds] use of eduPersonEntitlement

An email thread here has me wondering whether IdPs outside InCommon tend to
make much use of the eduPersonEntitlement attribute.

Any data points welcome.

      --Keith Hazelton

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