Subject Re: entity category work?
From Wolfgang Pempe <pempe@xxxxxx>
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2013 22:12:37 +0200

Dear Nicole and all,

Am 26.04.2013 13:23, schrieb Nicole Harris:
Hi All

Has anyone done  any more work on entity categories since I wrote up
this conversation:

since the DFN-AAI metadata management system provides support for entity categories only since recently, there's only one entity category in productive use. It is used by an IT infrastructure project[1] to build a virtual sub-federation, implementing both SP- and IdP-side filters based on this entity attribute value.

It's an interesting experience for us as a federation to try out how and to what extend we're able to provide support for such use cases. Currently, this specific category is only available for entities listed on a whitelist maintained by the technical project coordinator and which is consumed by the federation's metadata management system at regular intervals.

We're planning to implement a similar mechanism for supporting the CoC entity category: The PrivacyStatementURLs (SPs only) are regularly harvested and checked for references to the relevant CoC version. Every entity positively checked is added to a list which is used to toggle the availability of the CoC category...



I'm in the process of writing something up for the REFEDS SC and the
next meeting.



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