Subject New steering committee members appointed
From Licia Florio <florio@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2013 11:08:18 +0200

Dear all,

As you may remember April 26 was the deadline for comments on the new
composition of the REFEDS SC.

I have received no comments, so I assume everybody is happy with the
proposal. We can now officially welcome the new members.

The new REFEDS SC will be composed by:

- Miroslav Milinovic (SRCE) (new)
- Mehdi Hached (RENATER)  (new)
- Valter Nordh (NORDUNET) (new)
- Andrew Cormack (Janet)
- Ken Klingenstein (Internet2)
- Thomas Lenggenhager (SWITCH)

I take this opportunity to thank once more Ingrid Melve, David Simonsen
and Joost van Dijk for their contributions over the last two years.


Licia Florio
TERENA Project Development Officer

TERENA Secretariat
Singel 468 D, 1017 AW Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 20 530 44 88