Subject Re: Register for REFEDS meeting
From Ingrid Melve <ingrid.melve@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2011 19:50:45 +0200

On 19.07.2011 21:44, Mikael Linden wrote:
>>I won't be able to make it to Helsinki, but will there be a video feed
> available?
> The meeting will be streamed on Adobe Connect Pro.

Thank you, this is good news. My husband is traveling on the relevant
dates, so I am unable to make it to Helsinki this time :(

The program for IRISC workshop looks interesting, and the discussions
should provide food for thought (and action). One of the learning
experiences from our eCampus program is the need for collaboration tools
and the need to integrate the identity layer with the light weight
collaboration tools across various disciplines. If there is no one
portal to bind them all, we need a "glue" that works for both
individuals, organizations and projects/VOs.

 (torn between wanting her husband to have plenty of research projects,
and wanting him to be in Trondheim on the relevant REFEDS meeting dates;)