Subject "Guest Identities" Survey
From Steve Olshansky <steveo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 14:10:39 -0600

Greetings All-
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On behalf of the Internet2 MACE-Dir(ectories) working group, David Bantz (Chief Information Architect at University of Alaska System) has prepared a survey on approaches to handling guest identities. See the introduction below for more background.

We would appreciate it very much if you would complete this survey, or pass it along to the appropriate staff on your campus. An anonymized summary will be published. For your convenience, a PDF preview is available at

Please complete the survey by CoB Friday 22-July.


Intro to Guest systems survey

Institutions of learning often need to provide access to electronic services or resources to individuals who do not have a formal relation with the institution either as student or employee. Such users are often referred to as guests or affiliates or sponsored members of the institution (that is, rather than students, faculty, or staff). Access to a specific services may be provided to guests by ad hoc or exception processing, but such manual and application-specific processing easily leads to cumbersome and slow provisioning, inconsistent user experience, and consequent support headaches. Many institutions seeking to streamline, scale, and rationalize authentication and privilege management for an increasing number of services have developed systems (technologies and business processes) to manage guest identities - that is, to create and manage digital identities for guests, affiliates, or sponsored members within or parallel to management of digital identities for students and employees.

This survey aims to collect information about how institutions have addressed this need. The results should indicate both the breadth of approaches already deployed and inform decision-making by institutions looking to develop solutions.

Steve Olshansky
Internet2 Middleware & Security Flywheel