Subject Re: international standards for LOA
From Alex Reid <alex.reid@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2011 22:13:38 +0800

At 10:52 PM 5/07/2011, Heather Flanagan wrote:

The concept of an international standardized set of values for LOA is something I was grumbling about last week offline. The NIST guidelines are very useful, but are they international enough? I think this is a useful concept to poke at, tho' perhaps not on the original thread.

When last I looked (a couple of years ago, now) the draft Australian standards were similar (but different!) to the NIST ones. In the AAF's schema, we opted for the NIST ones, but have borrowed from the Kantara/Liberty implementation framework in setting out the procedures required (eg for level 2 - see The NIST ones were really not specific enough, as I think David has often said...

Cheers, Alex.

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