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For information. Tune in this time and you even get to listen to me! 

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The fifth Shibboleth community call will be held at the best Europe/Americas timeslot available, 15:00-16:00 UTC, on Monday, July 11 2011.

Logistics, recordings from prior calls, and fifth call schedule information are all at the end of this note.  We hope you can join us!



1.  Introduction and Welcome

This call will be an update on recent Shibboleth consortium work.  We may use Internet2's Adobe Connect instance for a presentation.  You can participate by accessing:

in a web browser.  Enter as a guest, and please type your full name to enter the room.  You'll have to wait for the client to be downloaded and started, but then you will be placed into the room.

2.  The GLUU GUI for IdP Configuration

3.  Shibboleth Consortium Update

4.  Shibboleth Futures Survey Findings

5.  Other Community Updates: Projects or developments of interest to the global Shibboleth community can be publicly mentioned here to gain awareness.

6.  Your Topics Here


Dial In Information:

Via Skype: +9900827048693800 (you must include the '+')

Please use good conference call etiquette.  Do not use an open mic and speakers; it produces a bad echo.  Mute your mic when not speaking.

Via Phone: PIN #:  8693800
United States  +1 (201) 793-9022
Canada  +1 (201) 793-9022
Austria  +43 (0) 82040115470
Belgium  +32 (0) 7 0357134
France  +33 (0) 826109071
Germany  +49 01805009527
Ireland  +353 (0) 818270968
Italy  +39 848390177
Spain  +34 (9) 02885791
Switzerland  +41 (0) 8 48560397
United Kingdom  +44 (0) 8454018081

You may use *2 to mute/unmute if your phone does not have such a feature.

There is a 25 participant cap.  If the call reaches this limit, we'll look at expanding the capacity, but that will only be in effect for subsequent calls.

Because we have no assigned tech writer, we will be recording the call and making the MP3 publicly available.  If you do not consent to the recording and release of your voice, you are very welcome to participate as an observer, but you will need to stay muted on the call.


The tentative timing of the next Shibboleth Community Call is TBD.

The minutes from previous Shibboleth community calls are available at:

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