Subject SAML Products, Libraries and Services Overview on Wikipedia
From David Simonsen <david@xxxxxxx>
Date Wed, 6 Jul 2011 10:32:57 +0200

This may be of interest to some?
It's written by Rainer Hörbe, announced in the Kantara eGov working group.

Due to excessive spare time and boredom;-) I created a page on commercial and OSS SAML-products, kits and services on Wikipedia. I used primarily KI/LA test categories to compare the product features, also with the benefit to create more links to the planned Kantara page that needs notability.
One of my findings was that almost all SAML-products were either Kantara or Liberty tested. I did not know this, and it need quite some research to find out. Given that fact I suggest to create a Kantara SAML Interop Overview page similar to the Wiki page that I created, but with more detail - all test targets, and include product and test versions. All Liberty stuff should be linked from this page. I think that it should be possible to show that the tests so far - whatever shortcomings there are in detail - quite impressive and cover a good part of the market.
Any feedback to the wiki page is welcome and I can do the editing for resulting changes.
Best regards
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