Subject Re: draft charge, refeds working group on attribute release
From "Leif Johansson" <leifj@xxxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 1 Jul 2011 14:39:20 +0200

I agree. Telling your prospective customers to take it or leave it only works if you already have the market.

1 jul 2011 kl. 14:35 skrev "Josh Howlett" <Josh.Howlett@xxxxxx>:

> Hi Licia,
>> So I think the message for the IRISC workshop in September should
>> something like "this is what you get using id-federations;
>> id-federations are happy to support you; this is what you get using
>> openId-facebook, up to you to decide". I don't think there is much more
>> we can do really.
> Work to provide a more compelling alternative?
> Identity is rapidly becoming a commodity. If we take the attitude that
> federation is a solved problem because it satisfies the needs of a
> particular group of people at a particular point in time, they will simply
> become redundant as the commodity services become more sophisticated. As
> with the commoditisation of the network, federations will only remain
> relevant (as NRENs have) by looking forwards at our customers' developing
> requirements; however niche, impossible or incomprehensible they might
> initially appear.
> Josh.
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