Subject RE: Work Items discussed during the REFEDs meeting
From "Scott Cantor" <cantor.2@xxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 9 Jul 2010 12:12:25 -0400

> Just to add to Nicole's point. "test systems against accounts from campus
> authentication systems" is certainly a  major request from a very
> significant number of publishers and an early warning system of some sort
> would do a lot to enable us to show the community that shib issues are
> actively addressed when they are occuring. It would also be the first
> element in a process of making the publishers get information out early
> about problems when they occur- rather than what can happen at the moment,
> where they communicate on a global basis when they see complaints reach a
> tipping point.

I think test accounts are bigger can of worms than people think, one reason
being that it's not just a test account (or multiple) but the test data to
drive different attribute sets for them.

IMHO, a better model is to have them run their own IdPs or rely on
ProtectNetwork or similar services to do this kind of testing. Then it
should be the campus' responsibility to address problems since they would
have to be located at the other end.

-- Scott