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Subject: Privacy Terminology

Hi all, 

I mentioned the position paper for the "W3C Workshop on Privacy for Advanced Web APIs" already in my last mail. Within the IAB we had planned a series of activities related to privacy and here is another one: Terminology

When you look through various IETF documents you will notice that the term "privacy" is used here and there but often the meaning varies a lot. If you only look at the privacy related articles in newspapers and magazines you will notice the breadth of the topic. 

Having terminology to work with is quite crucial to avoid talking past each other. 

Here is an initial submission for privacy terminology:

Marit and Andreas had worked on this document for about 10 years outside the IETF and it is frequently cited by those working in the privacy area. We thought it would make sense to bring this work to the IETF, to discuss it in a wider audience, and to produce a stable reference. 

Again, feedback is appreciated. 

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