Subject RE: affiliate student?
From "Glenn Wearen" <glenn.wearen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Wed, 7 Jul 2010 14:31:56 +0100

I read that e-IRG paper for the first time during June (around the same time 
that Licia circulated the collaboration notes and not long after Ken sent his 
'one year plan for Refeds' proposal). It was encouraging to see IAM as a 
highlighted issue, and I too saw a good use case for confederation.
One of the problems with convincing projects (like those listed in that 
document) to support federated access is that the project leader is not in 
your federation, yet other project participants are.

We need greater collaboration as Licia's notes suggest, or a co-coordinating 
body as Ken proposes (in fact, we need both) to liaise with each project 
leader, and show that each project participant will be facilitated by his/her 
national federation.

I suggest we develop a target list of cross-border projects and begin to work 
on convincing the projects to adopt federated access in a co-ordinated way.
Admittedly, we may not have the degree of technical interoperability nor a 
policy that has widespread approval, but we may find that many of the projects 
may not require a high degree of either to being with.

Perhaps the REFED's wiki would be the place to start a target list?

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Hi Andrew,

>My appeal at TNC for use cases that required differentiation between
>"student" and the various flavours of "faculty/staff/employee" hasn't
>revealed any, so I'm dropping those for now.

My discussions with research communities (Linguistics, bioinformatics...)
seem to propose that certain research databases (e.g. genetic data) are
intended only for researchers, not for students. I have an impression that
cross-national access to research data [1] may even become the killer app
for confederations.

Of course, this opens a can of worms of semantics of a researcher...




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