Subject RE: affiliate student?
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Date Tue, 6 Jul 2010 09:24:42 -0700

Yes -- there is danger in allowing for infinite flexibility, for many reasons.

Clearly publishers and their customers should seek as few "variations" as possible. While "one size fits all" may be too limiting, fewer than, say, 8 might be quite workable.

What are the factors that actually make sense, and how might that list be developed? Etc...

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 The Shibboleth IdP includes a powerful scripting capability for
 attribute mappings e.g. useable for entitlements.

 For many purposes there is no need to tweak the IdM system, which is
 often more complicated to achieve.

Agreed, *if* the source information for the attribute mapping is present in the IdM system. But as I understand it some of the licences that Nicole is talking about make distinctions that aren't currently in universities' IdM systems at all :-(



 On 06.07.10 15:25, Andrew Cormack wrote:
 > Sounds like there will be good sales for entitlement-management
 plugins for IdM systems, then :-(
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