Subject RE: affiliate student?
From "David L. Wasley" <dlwasley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Sat, 3 Jul 2010 12:49:22 -0700

I keep being bothered by an ever expanding "flat" attribute space. Adjectives were invented for a reason.

Is it not possible for a RP to ignore qualifiers unless they know what they mean and actually care? In other words (pardon my awkward syntax ;-))


where all adjectives are optional or may be present and may be ignored, etc.

SIA if this is a silly idea.


At 9:50 PM +0300 on 7/3/10, Mikael Linden wrote:


On 2 Jul 2010, at 14:30, Nicole Harris wrote:

 I'm following on a discussion that happened at a shib event in the
 UK yesterday.  Does anyone have any sort of vocabulary in their
 attribute definitions that describes an affiliated student?  This
 may be a student from another institution only studying on one
 course at your institution and not entitled to 'student' or 'member'
 scopedaffiliation values.  This assumes affiliate as a value is only
 used for affiliated staff.

 Anyone specifically looking at that group?  Any demand for it?

We give "student" affiliation value also to visiting/exchange students
(=students who are going to include the credit units in their degree in
another domestic/foreign university). The student administration people
convinced us that the agreements require that they are treated
equally to degree students.

Additionally, we have a more fine grained attribute
funetEduPersonStudentCategory  where visiting and exchange students have a
value of their own: bachelor, master, licentiate, doctor, other-degree, visiting-student, exchange-student, qualifying-studies, further-education, open-university, other
The semantics are defined in the schema:
So far there has been little use for it.