Subject Re: affiliate student?
From "Diego R. Lopez" <diego.lopez@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Sat, 3 Jul 2010 14:02:39 +0200


On 2 Jul 2010, at 14:30, Nicole Harris wrote:

I'm following on a discussion that happened at a shib event in the UK yesterday. Does anyone have any sort of vocabulary in their attribute definitions that describes an affiliated student? This may be a student from another institution only studying on one course at your institution and not entitled to 'student' or 'member' scopedaffiliation values. This assumes affiliate as a value is only used for affiliated staff.

Anyone specifically looking at that group?  Any demand for it?

I recall some discussion about this in our community and the conclusion was that there were no use cases in which affiliated students had lower access rights than "normal" students, as any distinctions that were considered applicable dealt with the courses they were registered or similar attributes.

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