Subject Re: Work Items discussed during the REFEDs meeting
From Steven Carmody <Steven_Carmody@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2010 10:51:01 -0400

On 6/10/10 4:55 AM, Glenn Wearen wrote:
I've spent the last two weeks running federation workshops for librarians
here in Ireland, WAM and EZproxy are common and perform similar functions
(EZproxy certainly seems to be the Swiss Army Knife) WAM is tightly coupled
with the LMS from the same vendor and this has some nice statistics
collection benefits that some libraries will not live without.
Most libraries here seem to consider federated access as the best way to
connect their users with subscribed resources for the use case where the
user starts their search outside the library catalogue (Google/Google
Scholar etc) and will probably implement federated access (without deep
linking) for that use case alone.

I think my favorite EZP "extended functionality" is -- if it determines that the Service Provider is SAML-enabled, EZP can perform some regex jujutsu on the target URL, redirecting the browser user to an endpoint at the SP that can bypass the WAYF, choose a protocol shared by the SP and IDP, initiate a standard authentication sequence using that protocol, and finally redirect the user to the desired deep link (usually generated by a link resolver before handing the user off to EZP). With the Shibboleth SP, this special endpoint is known as a sessionInitiator. EZP allows a campus to make this whole process transparent to the browser user.