Subject RE: Work Items discussed during the REFEDs meeting
From "Glenn Wearen" <glenn.wearen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2010 09:55:02 +0100

I've spent the last two weeks running federation workshops for librarians
here in Ireland, WAM and EZproxy are common and perform similar functions
(EZproxy certainly seems to be the Swiss Army Knife) WAM is tightly coupled
with the LMS from the same vendor and this has some nice statistics
collection benefits that some libraries will not live without.
Most libraries here seem to consider federated access as the best way to
connect their users with subscribed resources for the use case where the
user starts their search outside the library catalogue (Google/Google
Scholar etc) and will probably implement federated access (without deep
linking) for that use case alone.

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On 9 Jun 2010, at 00:50, Steven_Carmody@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I'd prefer the term "federated rewriting proxies" rather than  
>> "EZProxies", as the latter is
>> a commercial product, there are several other (commercial and free)  
>> solutions, and the progress
>> we may make on this should not depend on the usage of that specific  
>> software.
> You're correct -- EZPROXY is a specific product (currently owned by  
> OCLC). Interestingly, its become much more than a rewriting proxy --  
> I've taken to referring to it as a "swiss army knife". It provides a  
> growing amount of specialized processing specific to SAML-based  
> access, and completely separate from its proxy component. Its does a  
> good job of supporting a "hybrid" campus environment that includes a  
> mixture of Publishers supporting SAML and IP-based access control.
> I don't have a generic name for this type of product. But, I think  
> its much more than "federated rewriting proxies". Thus, the use of  
> the product name EZPROXY.....

As far as I can tell, this is similar to products like WAM (from  
Innovative), or the combination of SFX,
simpleSAMLphp and the PAPI rewriting proxy that is in use in several  
of our institutions.

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