Subject Re: Work Items discussed during the REFEDs meeting
From Steven_Carmody@xxxxxxxxx
Date Tue, 8 Jun 2010 18:50:26 -0400

At 2:21 PM +0200 6/7/10, Licia Florio wrote:

e. Discovery
Decide on a specific plan for eduId (note that eduID is just a temporary
name, no agreement on the name has been reached) and foster the
deployment. The discovery problem is being worked on in many different
arenas within the Internet identity community, including ULX, OpenId,
Infocard, etc.
The liaison with the publishers could be beneficial for this.

Note that NISO ( currently has a Web SSO Working Group putting together a final report. (Publishers represent more than half of the membership of the WG.) The primary audience of the report is thought to be Publishers.

(I'll include more info on the Publisher's major concerns in the next note.) The Publishers within the WG don't currently have any interest in supporting OpenID or InfoCard (their customers aren't asking for this support). Their primary concern in the Discovery space is developing recommendations on dealing with what they see as the exploding number of Higher Ed/Research Shibboleth Federations (currently more than 30).

The WG's recommendations will likely run parallel to the Shibboleth "Discovery Service 2.0 Roadmap"

including recommending that Service Providers use a DS that is integrated into the SP site rather than relying on Federation supplied DS services.

The WG's Final Report will be distributed to Publishers this summer.