Subject Re: Work Items discussed during the REFEDs meeting
From Ken Klingenstein <kjk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 7 Jun 2010 08:10:36 -0600

this multiple listing service (as realtors in the US call it) - is intended to be a quick, perhaps short-term, way to post metadata for widely used sites and let IdP's decide if they want to use the data. Two immediate examples: the spaces wiki now lists seven federations that use the site. with all but one of them (the uk) there are no formal agreements that anchor the use - people in swamid, AAF, etc just use the wiki. the czech medical atlas has a similar number of federations listed in its wayf equivalent. again, no formal agreements, just a need to use the resource.

probably interfederation would address these needs, but these needs are now and interfederation isn't here yet, and won't be for a while (especially the policy side). I hope this listing service won't take much effort, and certainly not from the folks doing the interfederation heavy lifting... once we have interfederation, we could reexamine the need for the service...


On Jun 7, 2010, at 6:43 AM, Josh Howlett wrote:

e. Looking at ways to exchange verified metadata
Create a WG to define a short-term approach to providing
metadata for shared community resources (e.g. the Refeds
wiki, the spaces wiki, the Czech medical atlas, etc)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the meeting, and so I would be
grateful if someone could kindly summarise the requirements for this
that can't be addressed by interfederation? I believe that we should
avoid spreading scarce effort over similar solutions (if they really are