Subject Re: edu ID branding
From Steven_Carmody@xxxxxxxxx
Date Tue, 1 Jun 2010 11:09:17 -0400

At 1:35 PM +0100 6/1/10, Robin Wilton wrote:
Just a very quick comment... I think a 'brand' is a much broader concept
than a logo...
The logo is a purely visual sign, and preferably is distinctive and
instantly (even subliminally) recognisable;
the 'brand' can encompass things like 'trustworthiness', 'reliability',
'aspiration', 'past experience' etc.
If an important part of that over-all picture is that you are part of a
group of organisations with similar
values and goals, that is worth trying to put across...

Some of the current discussion seems focused around publishers and the use of Federated Identity. I'd like to think (make that dream...) that over the next several years the eduID brand might become associated with a broader set of services. The eduID logo might be an easy-to-identify clickable item on web pages offered by publishers. However, I'd like to think that five years from now that's only a (very?) small part of the eduID story. I see Robin's very helpful comments as consistent with this suggestion. Right now, there seems to be an explosion in a variety of shared services; we ought to be thinking about how that fits under the eduID brand/umbrella.

I'm also note that in the many conversations I've had with Publishers over the last several months that a consistent theme that has emerged from those conversations is that they *desperately* want an improved Discovery experience for them to manage and for users to see. And they seem to understand the value of consistency between sites (as opposed to the traditional "value add" that an individual publisher might bring to this issue).

So, there's going to be "something" on the Publisher's front page that users can click to initiate the login process, and it will likely be consistent among the Publishers.