Subject Re: What is a domesticated application?
From Victoriano Giralt <victoriano@xxxxxx>
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 16:45:02 +0300

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On 1/6/10 16:27, Ingrid Melve wrote:
> Hi,

> is there a handy description of what a domesticated application really
> is, ready to hand out to a vendor?  Or even a shared understanding of
> what a domesticated application is?
As one of the "domesticators" maybe my view could be useful.

As I see, a domesticated application is on that has been adapted to
federated access management in some way.

I'd even dare to propose levels of domestication:
1) Domestic species. FIAM has been put in by design, with delegation of
AuthN and AuthR to the federation.

2) Petted species. The application design has allowed to create an
AuthN(R?) plugin that allows it to smoothly integrate to the federation,
maybe with a minimal local user provisioning.

3) Tamed applications. They have been made to play in the federated
environment by way of provisioning local users on the fly with kind some
kludge, but AuthN/AuthR happens mostly at application level but with
information carried over from the federation, but do not ask for
username and password.

> I did a search on Google, and this is probably not the document I was
> looking for
Interesting :)

>  (who kept hearing the term, and realized it would be good if I
> understood it)
I hope this sparks a nice discussion :)

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