Subject Reminder: Please update your feds details in the REFEDs wiki
From Mikael Linden <Mikael.Linden@xxxxxx>
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 14:16:08 +0300


Remember to update your federation's details before Sunday!

Please fill in your federation's approach to the "mandatory attributes"
concept as well, and the list of mandatory attributes if any. 
I'll give a separate speak on that in Rome (and we'll use the
information in preparations of the eduGAIN confederation, too).

Kind Regards,
From: Mikael Linden
Sent: 29 September 2009 16:35
To: refeds@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Please update your feds details in the REFEDs wiki

Hi all,

The REFEDs Rome meeting is approaching. As usual,
I'll give a status report on the federations in the REFEDs wiki.

In order to be able to present fresh data, I urge you to update
your federation's details in the wiki before 18th October.

*NEW* Based on my action point in the last REFEDs meeting,
I added new survey issues under the Schema topic:

1. Is there a concept of mandatory attributes? Make a list of them.
2. What is your predominant unique ID, ePPN? ePTID?
3. Is there a policy for ePPN reassignment?
4. What is your ePTID syntax on SAML2?

Please provide values for the new items. It will serve the
eduGAIN project, as well.

Instructions to update your details in the wiki:
1. Go to the spreadsheet page of the wiki,
2. Log in using your IdP. If you don't have an account in any
of them, Wierenga international's orphanage may help you.
3. Click the cell of the spreadsheet you want to edit.
4. Click edit
5. Before saving, please add the edit timestamp
(--~~~~  in the wiki markup) so that the others
know the freshness of the data.

Kind Regards,
Mikael Linden
Dr. Mikael Linden
Application Specialist
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