Subject RE: eduID, was publisher interface study
From "Mark Williams \(JISC\)" <m.williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 10:05:45 +0100

"OpenID is know to the end-users"
Not sure, to be honest that that is particulary true as far as results of the JISC study go. No brand had particular recognition value among the student users other than ATHENS.....and even it that case it was a misperception of a brand and its meaning.
That not a vote for or against Edu ID just that nothing really has real traction currently with student end users.

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From: Olivier Salaün [mailto:olivier.salaun@xxxxxx]
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Subject: Re: [refeds] eduID, was publisher interface study

Josh Howlett a écrit :
>> For a non-internet example of a brand without an
>> infrastructure: take frequent flyer-federations (SkyTeam,
>> OneWorld).
> I am stretching this analogy somewhat, but it did inspire me to think of
> a terrible pun: "Club Fed". However, I doubt it translates very well,
> which is probably a blessing.
I find EduID very well adapted to the context, mainly because of the
analogy with OpenID; and OpenID is know to the end-users.

I'm not in favour of anything that would include the notion of
"federation" or "AAI" because it corresponds to the plumbing the
end-user doesn't need to know about.

I agree that our common trade mark should not need to be translated;
eduID is a good candidate regarding this criteria.