Subject Re: eduID, was publisher interface study
From Olivier Salaün <olivier.salaun@xxxxxx>
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 14:34:26 +0200

Josh Howlett a écrit :
For a non-internet example of a brand without an infrastructure: take frequent flyer-federations (SkyTeam, OneWorld).
I am stretching this analogy somewhat, but it did inspire me to think of
a terrible pun: "Club Fed". However, I doubt it translates very well,
which is probably a blessing.
I find EduID very well adapted to the context, mainly because of the analogy with OpenID; and OpenID is know to the end-users.

I'm not in favour of anything that would include the notion of "federation" or "AAI" because it corresponds to the plumbing the end-user doesn't need to know about.

I agree that our common trade mark should not need to be translated; eduID is a good candidate regarding this criteria.