Subject Re: [MACE-Dir] Re: Comparison of eP(S)A values
From Keith Hazelton <hazelton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 17:33:01 -0500

I forwarded this email to the current chair of MACE-Dir, Brendan Bellina. The working group would at the very least be an opportunity to raise the issues. This email has many of the points you'd want to bring up.

On Oct 1, 2009, at 14:43, Michael P. Pelikan wrote:

Howdy all -

Speaking only as someone planning to attend the MACE-Dir Meeting, I would value a conversation about this, on the merits already raised in reference to eduPerson, but also as a refresher on the processes that we (PSU, or at least, a few wild cards therein) might want to go through to push forward on some additional spec enhancement or creation work. We've added institutional extensions to several specs, and have at least one idea for a spec not-yet-existent that a few of us would like to take a look at sketching out - just as a trial balloon to hoist up the flag pole to see if anyone might salute...

Is there room in the MACE-Dir WG Meeting for the discussion you're looking for, or do you see it as something that could be brought up there and then pushed into a side-discussion? I mention this only because it's possible this might generate substantive discussion. At any event, this sounds like one more not-to-be-missed discussions in San Antonio...

Many thanks -

Michael Pelikan
Information Designer
Emerging Technologies Group
Penn State Information Technology Services

Keith Hazelton wrote:
Andrew & all:

Brendan Bellina, USC, current chair of MACE-Dir supports this idea of an initiative to update the eduPerson spec, taking points raised in this thread as a starting point. I won't be at next week's I2 member meeting, but I will put together a discussion starter doc. & find someone from MACE-Dir to bring this up in the MACE-Dir Working Group session.

I guess a critical early question is whether MACE-Dir with its existing governance & process structures is a good enough and globally acceptable venue for this work. Please share your thoughts on this and the general proposal.