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Noticeably, I don't think we've heard on this from the schools (pre-16)
sector  - in any country.  It would be good to get an opinion on
perceptions of "edu" from Becta or one of the regional consortia
providing networked services to UK schools.

As a school (primary, = ages 4 to 11) governor, we usually 'brand' what
we're doing to parents and children as "learning".  (Our local Director
of Education from the Council is fond of greeting classes of kids, on
her royal visits, with "What are we LEARNING today, children?".)

But it wouldn't be a difficult leap to the more-inclusive "edu".  This
has far fewer risks of embarrassing failure than adopting/inventing a
word of the Google genre.

Does "Edu" have any unfortunate (Nova-like) connotations, when used in
any other language-cultures?  It should work in all Latin-derived


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> I think that those of us who come from an HE background 
> perceive Edu as HE focused, but ironically in the UK, those 
> from an FE background don't think of it as HE specific 
> because they don't come across it very much.
> As far as FE is concerned I would say Edu has very little baggage.
> Mark

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