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Date Thu, 1 Oct 2009 09:35:03 +0100

I think that those of us who come from an HE background perceive Edu as
HE focused, but ironically in the UK, those from an FE background don't
think of it as HE specific because they don't come across it very much.
As far as FE is concerned I would say Edu has very little baggage.


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Is that just because of domain usage in the US? In eduID I see edu as
merely being short for education without any other connotations and if
schools and colleges aren't educational institutions, then what else are
they?  The only other word I can think of is 'learning', and that of
course cuts out research etc.

Another route would be an entirely random word with no connotations,
but then you really do have the headache of 'selling' the brand and
giving it context and meaning. EduID does at least speak for itself to a
large extent.
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<snip> some really useful observations, thanks

> And I wouldn't worry too much about eduID sounding too "education- 
> only". To some degree a name is just a name, and as long as what it 
> stands for is good stuff, it'll fly (after all, "ipod" and "google" 
> are kinda stupid words in themselves, right?)

The problem is that edu is actually seen as specific to *higher*
education, and therefore excluding the rest of our constituency. A bit
like if we proposed "UKID" or "NLID" as an international brand; or if
iTunes was called AppleTunes...

That's why we have to refer in the UK to "JANET Roaming/eduroam". It
would be nice not to have to do that again.

Though it's probably not as bad a branding choice as Opel/Vauxhall's
Nova car, which never did sell very well in Spain ;-)


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