Subject Re: dreamspark and agreements
From Yasuo Okabe <okabe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 02:11:33 +0900

Dear all,

We, JAPAN UPKI pilot federation, are now under negotiation for DreamSPark with MS Japan.

The case of DreamSpark is a little different from those in other SPs like e-journals. The differences are as follows:

- In a case of e-journal service, there should be a contract of subscription between the university and the publisher, and conceptually the university provides the e-journal contents to the members of the university. In contrast, DreamSpark subscription is a contract between a student and MS, and there is no explicit engagement of the university which the student belongs. - The subscription may continue after the student left the university. He can use the software after his graduation, although no update can be done.

It might work well in usual situation. We will release only safe attributes like eduPersonScopedAffilation and eduPersonTargetedID, which are considered not to be "personal information" in Japanese privacy legisiation.

But in case of an incident like violation of the agreement by a student, a former student or someone who illegally cracked an acount of some student, we must take extra care.

After discussion, MS Japan propose us that they will give us a document for disclaimer which tells that,

- The university has no responsibility for any kind of incident, even in the case the information the IdP gives is not true. - MS may request a voluntary investigation to the university when an incident occured. The university have no obligation to disclose the result of investigation to MS, unless a legal action is done. - Even when a student violates the agreement, MS never blames the university for it.

I hope this information will be some help to you. The draft document is still under discusstion (and written in Japanese, sorry). When the final version is ready, I will try to translate it.

Best wish,
They did ask us to adjust one part of our federation agreement before
they would sign it: although it would have been nice to bind the *whole*
of Microsoft to EU privacy legislation they didn't seem to think they
could persuade people at their end...

So now it just binds them when they are acting as a federation member.
In fact, being able to quote "Microsoft were happy to sign it" has been
useful in persuading some other non-EU organisations that the membership
process isn't as scary as it might appear.


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Hi Noemi,

On 29 Sep 2009, at 16:18, Noemi Rodriguez wrote:
Here in Brazil, RNP (the Brazilian NREN) is running a pilot
federation called CAFe. We are naturally interested in integrating
into Dreamspark, and have been interacting with them for some weeks.
However, federations don't show up in Dreamspark's WAYF, it points
directly to final institutions. We were wondering what kind of
procedure other federations have set up with Microsoft (to provide
metadada through the federation) and what kind of agreements are
being signed, if any, with these federations? (Microsoft has shown
us a draft contract which would be signed between MS and
universities) Could anyone could provide some info on that?

In what relates to metadata, we have a contact in MS Spain whom we
informed about our metadata distribution point. As far
as I can tell, they access it an appropriately update their systems.
We have no idea how this is done, but it has smoothly
worked, in despite of some initial hiccups.

In what relates to agreements, the SIR ones are pretty much
straightforward and the MS Spain representatives
accepted our conditions of use
) soon after
we connected DreamSpark to SIR.

Be goode,

Yasuo Okabe
Kyoto University