Subject eduGAIN policy issues
From Mikael Linden <Mikael.Linden@xxxxxx>
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2009 17:36:58 +0300

Hi Refeds,

GN3/SA3 task 3 "eduGAIN" aims at a productional confederation
bridging together the European identity federations. 
One of the first tasks is to design a policy for the confederation.

At first, the policy working group has tried to identify and discuss 
the issues relevant to the policy. Attached is the latest version of
the policy issues identified so far. I'll present them in short in the 
REFEDs Rome meeting, too.

Your comments are warmly welcome. We prefer openness in the 
preparation of the policy, but instead of discussing in this
relatively large REFEDs mailing list, we propose following:

- if you happen to have an account in the geant wiki, you 
can drop your comments directly to the document in the wiki 
(there is a nice form in the wiki for them):
- you can ask to have an account in the wiki (just mail me)
- you can join the edugain-policy mailing list:
- you can email me (I'll forward your comments to the list)
- you give your comments face-to-face in Rome.

Mikael (the policy subtask leader)

Dr. Mikael Linden
Application Specialist
CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.
P.O. BOX 405, FI-02101 Espoo, Finland
+358 40 507 4100, mikael.linden@xxxxxx

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