Subject Re: Re: eduid.xx domains (was publisher interface study)
From "Miroslav Milinovic" <miro@xxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 25 Sep 2009 10:49:06 +0200

Hi all!

a small announcement:

We've acquired and activated domain. Currently is redirected to


AAI@EduHr (Croatian federation)

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Subject: [refeds] Re: eduid.xx domains (was publisher interface study)

Thomas Lenggenhager a écrit :
Nicole Harris wrote:

We are nearing the end the of the consultation period for the publisher
interface study and as yet have had no dissenting voices.  This means
that we are preparing to move to the next stage - which will be to run
an open design competition for a logo to represent federated access. The competition will be be clear that we as group reserve the right not
to implement the design / brand of the winning entry, so we are not
committing anyone to anything at this stage.
Overall, it currently seems that eduID is the preferred name - possibly
with the domain we will leave the competition open
to other suggestions.

BTW the domain seems not to be in use and it is up for sale.

Note that we've bought the domain.